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I know that you can actually watch some movies online, even recent ones but I haven't tried it. Not until yesterday.

I was intrigued with the film, "The Proposal" so I checked if I can watch it online. And luckily, I found this site: But there's only a limited time to view the film. After 72 minutes of watching, you'll have to wait another 52 minutes for the movie to reload. Also the copy is not digitally clear. And because I don't like waiting too long, I checked for other sites and found this one: The copy is not clear as well, and the film was divided in three parts but it buffers much faster and I was able to watch it uniterrupted. Also, unlike other sites, there's no ads and other gimmicks for one to watch a film like answering surveys, being a member so one can log in, etc.

In short, I was able to watched and finished "The Proposal" thru the internet.

Some movies that are being uploaded in the internet are not the original copy. In short some are just recorded in theaters. The only benefit of watching it online is to see if it's okay and if you'll get your money's worth if you intend to watch it or purchase the original dvd copy.

"The Proposal" is one hilarious, must see movie that I'll make sure to get the original dvd copy.


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