14 Weeks.

Last Saturday was my scheduled OB visit. And guess what? We finally heard it's heartbeat! The doctor said, the baby is doing fine and the heartbeat is normal. If it's a boy or girl, she can't tell yet, but we're really happy that we finally heard him/her. There's something in me that say's "this is really real, there's really a life inside me!"

Anyway, my morning sickness seems to be subsiding all the more. I experienced an instance of throwing up but still I feel much better compare before. My tummy is getting bigger. Can't wear my uniforms anymore. Maybe it's time to shop for clothes. haha! Also, I haven't gained weight. I even lost 3 kilos from last month's check up. Maybe because I'm not eating so much because of morning sickness.

The baby is good, I'm good! That's good to hear.


3 Kind Word(s):

amae d said...

ei congrats!

JyotiAjay said...

hi,i m jyoti frm india.visting ur blog for the first time.liked ur blog very much.i m pregnant(35weeks)expecting a baby.nice to read abt pregnancy articles inur blog.even i suffered a lot due to morning sickness.thanks for sharing some tips.
keep writing
take care.

Sheren-May said...

hello... We have a same name, but mine is less H and I still have additional name;) Anyway, you have a great blog which I envied a lot. I hope I could have that kind of cute template also. Well, I like your blog about pregnancy, I am 6months married but still we don't have luck to have one. Well, I think I will learned a lot from your blog. Take care always with your little bundle of joy ;)