13 Weeks.

I didn't experience any throwing up for the past 4 days. Whew! That's quite a relief for me. I'm thankful that I've already passed my first trimester, and now entering the second.

According to some articles I've read, 13 weeks pregnant has less miscarriage threats. Thank God!. Anyway, so far, I've not yet measured my belly yet but it's already showing the world that there's something inside it. Haven't check my weight as well, my bad. But my appetite is slowly becoming normal, I can now eat without having to feel like throwing up after.

And here's what Babycenter.com says on my pregnancy at 13 weeks:

Your baby is now about 6.7cm long from crown to rump and weighs nearly 23g – about half a banana. Your baby now has sucking muscles in her cheeks, so when you poke your stomach gently she will feel it and start rooting – that is, act as if she's searching for a nipple.

If you're having a girl, she now has approximately 2 million eggs in her ovaries; she will have only a million by the time she's born. She'll have fewer eggs as she gets older, and by age 17, the number will have dropped to 200,000.

As for you, the fog may be lifting, so to speak. For many women, the side effects of early pregnancy – frequent urination, intense fatigue, nausea – diminish sometime in the second trimester. Your uterus (womb), while large enough to announce to onlookers that you're indeed pregnant, isn't so huge that it gets in your way. Even though birth is months away, your breasts may already start making colostrum, the fluid that will feed your baby for the first few days before your milk comes in.


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