Last night, I felt a terrible pain on my upper thigh when I scooped my daughter to bring her inside the room. I felt terrible...I cannot move as the pain is so severe. When I try to stand I end up in a cold sweat and when I tried to massage it, that didn't help as well. It was extremely painful and I cried because of the pain. I felt close to passing out. What I did was, I stayed lying flat on the bed and waited until the pain subsided a bit. When I felt it's manageable, I look for an pain relieving ointment. Good thing we always have eficascent oil in our medicine cabinet.

Until now, there's still pain but not like last night. I don't know what caused it. Maybe wrong position and the weight that I carried. I often experience cramps like this but last night was the worst. So I googled about it and I found out some cure (from others who had it as well):

1. Exercise - As soon as you feel it coming on, stand up and bend forward from your waist while keeping your legs straight. You may need to push on your knee(s) in order to straighten your legs completely. You may also need to move slightly to the right or left depending on exactly which muscle is in spasm. You will feel the spasm fade immediately. Then stay in that position for a few minutes while massaging the affected muscle. Once the spasm is gone completely, slowly straighten your back. If the spasm starts to return, get back into the same position and start over. It may take five minutes or so for the whole thing to pass. Then go drink a liter of an electrolyte solution like Poweraid.

2. Ice packs - try to walk it off and apply the ice at the same time.

3. Hot compress pr hot towels.

4. Take
Quinine Sulfate (?)

4. Bite your lower lip (?)

5. Consult a doctor :D


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