No More Uniforms

We’ve just received an announcement from our management that we will not have new sets of uniform for the year as an upshot of the global financial crisis. Management has been looking into several options to cut-down operational expenses and one is this.

The memo was circulated and of course employees threw various reactions. Some reacted but to top it all, the memo was received positively, understanding the state of the economy. Well, that means, we will have to wear this next-to-ruin uniform as long as it is wearable. Once it’s no longer usable, we can already use our own smart casual clothes to office. And I don’t like it. For me, having a uniform saves my clothes from weekly laundry as well as it saves me from worrying what clothes to wear everyday. That’s quite a fuss and I really don’t like it. That’s just my opinion, but since I can’t do anything about it for now, I’ll just obey.

How about you, do you like wearing uniforms?


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