Are They ReallyThe Hope of the Next Generation?

I just got home from our rehearsal for tomorrow's service. I left the center at half past nine just after our participation for the earth hour. When I was already heading to the sports center, I came across several groups of young people loitering outside while a band was having a concert inside. I was taken a back by how these teenagers were dressed. I passed by and head on. When I reached the fountain area, there were even more young people milling about. Chatting, sitting on the benches, laughing... I felt sad.

I remember my teenage years. When I was their age, you can never see me in the streets late at night, doing nothing but loiter. That was not how I was raised by my parents. Time changed and so are our values. Today teenagers are more exploring, more, adventurous, more hard-headed, more shallow, and more without purpose in life. I was burdened by this young people. I hope I can do something for them.... I also hope that when the time comes that my daughter reached that age, she will be different. I pray that we'll be able to raise her with the right values, with a good character, with fear and faith in God. I pray that we'll be able to raise her to be a help in uplifting our people and our country.


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