Teenage Parents

I was shocked when I read about this on the newspaper...A 13-year old boy and a 15-year old girl became parents just recently. Alfie, 13 and Chantelle, 15 are parents of baby girl Maisie. I think it was a really sad story. I couldn't imagine that young children of that age can actually do that. But it's a reality in Europe.

Ahhh...Great Britain...reported the highest rate in teen pregnancy. Who are to be blame on this? The parents? The society? The media? I don't know. Maybe all of them are responsible for this.

I just hope that we as parents will be more responsible and loving parents. We should be the guide of our children...leading them to the right direction and protecting them from dreadful influences of the environment and the world so that we can raise up more mature and responsible kids who will be the hope of the next generation.

To read more of Alfie's story visit here. Photo grabbed fromt he site as well.


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