A great option for peole like me

We recently had our annual physical exam for our company’s HMO. We had series of physical exam and as expected, my BMI is still not normal…still underweight so I need to eat plenty and take vitamin supplements. But the good news is my eye grade lowered so I need to replace my glasses. Of course they are tied up with an optical shop who also offered me their frames and lenses. Honestly, their complete eye wear can cost me a month’s rent. Even if they offer it for four gives through salary deduction, still it will cost me much. So I just asked a copy of my eye exam result and prescription so I can choose where to buy. I know there are a lot of stores our there who offers complete eyeglasses at a minimal cost. Like this one…

3391 Two Tone Plastic Full-Rim Frame with Incised Pattern on Temples

This chic pair will just cost me $8! It’s already a complete eyeglasses with free UV protection and anti-scratch coating, and where else but at Zenni Optical. Zenni Optical is best known for their very affordable yet high quality and stylish prescription eye glasses. They have a wide array of stylish eyeglasses for everyone and even the New York Times mentioned them as one of the option for cheap pair of eyeglasses on their January 23, 2009 issue. That only proves that Zenni Optical is really an option for people who would want to have a great pair of eyeglasses that won’t ripped off their pockets. :)


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