Turning Dreams to Reality

This is one topic of Pro-tips from Ms. Maloi Malibiran-Salumbides that I want to share with you. How to turn dreams to reality. She used the word DREAMS as an acronym. Read on...

Determination. Big dreams entail hard work. They seldom happen overnight. Determination will fuel you to pursue your dreams.
Resist doubts. There's no doubt about it. Some people will doubt your dreams. Others will throw you a bucket of cold water to bring you back to reality. Don't stop, just because someone said "It can't be done." Press on and believe.
Enjoin people who will help you reach your dreams.
Appreciate small victories. When the uphill climb gets tough, celebrate the head way that you've made. Instead of fretting about what still needs to be done, be thankful for what has already been accomplished.
Make sacrifices. Sleep less, eat less, watch TV less, spend less. These are some of the sacrifices that you may have to make in order to attain your
Set a time table. "Dreams are plans with a deadline." Setting a target date for your dreams to come true gives you a sense of urgency to start working on it.


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