He Has Risen

His love is truly amazing...

Thank you Lord for your love and salvation...

Happy Resurrection Sunday everyone!


3 Kind Word(s):

Paula said...

Hi, Checking links from BC Bloggers. If all things are ironed out you will hear from me tomorrow. Thanks for putting the badge. :)
Mommy Diary
Paula's Place
WAHM sa Pinas

ilovepink1078 said...

Hi, sis!
Im lookinf for yor fridays fill in. Anyway, nice knowing you sis...

By the way, hope you dont mind if i follow your blog and exchange badge. this is one way t keep in touch.


Paula said...

My post is up for the BC Bloggers' Party Warning: it's about me, me, and me. Read at your own risk!hihi

Now it's your turn. We'll be waiting for your post! :)