28 Weeks.

I'm now on my 28th week of pregnancy. I had my pre-natal check up last Saturday and my OB said that everything's okay. I also showed her the result of my ultrasound..by the way, we're having a BOY! Yeah..and we're so happy.

Baby boy is doing well inside me. He had regular fetal movements. I'm now monitoring his kicks through the fetal kick count chart. I'm also listening to classical music since a lot of articles confirm that this is good for the growing baby inside me. I was able to download a complete album of the Musical Soup Womb Collection from the internet and I'm enjoying listening to it now. If you want a copy, you can get it here for free.

I was also able to watched a video clip of inside the womb for babies on week 28 from babycenter.com.

Anyway, Christmas is coming and the season's activities also tires me. My OB noticed that as well so she advised me to have enough rest which I will do. I'll start my Christmas vacation next week. But as of now, I'm happy that I'm now approaching my last trimester. Only 85 days to go!