Free mp3??? Where to get? where to get???

Let's admit... we want to get free stuffs from the internet! Who wouldn't want something that's FREE? Aight?

When lime wire was blocked here in the office (its the culprit for having those viruses!) I didn't know where to get free mp3 downloads...(I do not have lime wire. Usually, I asked officemates to get the song for me) Specially when I'm doing a photo slideshow or video for my boss and my list of songs aren't fitting, It was hard for me to get those songs.Thanks to my friend/officemate. She introduced me to AIMINI!

Aimini is like a file sharing website. Members will have the options to upload and share their files (videos, music, etc), which can be downloaded at any time, of course by fellow members! Signing up is free anyway so, that's good!

Of course, you can't find everything in there but only what the members uploaded. But still you can get good finds. Just search and try to get a particular mp3. It's still a great help, aight? :)


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